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Ningbo Energy mouldingplastic technology Co.,LTD is an enterprise with diversified products. It mainly focuses on precision mold design and manufacturing, plastic products, auto parts production and mechanical processing and is also involved in chemical industry and foreign trade. The company products cover plastic mold, die-casting mold, polyurethane mold, precision injection molded parts, metal machining parts, the daily plastic products. Products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions all over the world.

The company is located in Ningbo Xiangshan Harbor River - Ningbo Yinzhou Xianxiang town, covers an area of 15,000 square meters, which including an area of 9,000 square meters as factory area. After more than ten years of pioneering and development, Energy Molding Technology has four divisions including production base of plastic products, auto parts production base, precision mold manufacturing base for the development, import and export division. Company not only has a large-scale, modern standards of production plant and workshops, but also has equipments including DMG CNC machining centers, Agiecharmilles wire cutting equipment, EDM Sodick machine,CNC lathes, milling machines, grinding machines. Company also has Haitian injection molding machines, plastic blow molding machines, 20 sets precision CNC lathe for machining automobile parts.In regards of the testing,company is using Hexagon three coordinate and other advanced testing equipments to ensure the precision and quality of the products.

Our company's quality policy is to establish an awareness of high quality, improve the internal management, continuous improvement and innovation, and try to be the best in our industry. Our business philosophy is integrity-based, quality first. Our company adhere to the principle of "quality as the fundamental, technology as the core talents as the source, "and continuing fulfill our goals. We has established people-oriented enterprise management system, and has a large number of professional industry production, technology, marketing and management team. Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero product defect and exceed customer expectations. Our company passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification in 2004, In April 2009 our company passed the TS16949: 2002 quality management system certification; and was officially recognized as municipal, district-level scientific and technology enterprise.

At present, Our company takes our regional advantage of "Yangtze River Delta economic circle" and has designated the ten-year development strategy. We will focus on the implementation of brand strategy, talent strategy, technology and management innovation strategy. Under guildance of "People-oriented", we try to create an open and competitive environment, to provide our staffs with a broad space for development, to encourage invention and innovation; We will focus on our main industries, and to develop the related products as well; On the road to build our enterprise brands, with a view to the harmonious development of economic and social benefits.

Enterprise tenet: quality as the fundamental ,technology as the core ,source as talent

Enterprise belief: commitment to technology innovation to meet customer expectations

Corporate values: innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence

Enterprise spirit: pioneering, innovation, pragmatism, development

Quality policy: establish an awareness of high quality and improve the internal management, continuous improvement and innovation,occupy the leading position in the industry

Strategic thinking: for the domestu first-dass and world advanced

Service concept: customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

Employment philosophy: As long as you are capable, ANJ will offer you the best platform

Production concept: the standardization of operations, to create zero-defect products

Sense of service: a customer-oriented, to think about and deal with problems

Co-consciousness: sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and common development

Business philosophy: integrity-based, quality first

Corporate culture has a special significance, she will motivate employees healthy development of vigorous and become an inexhaustible source of strength for business.

Our implementation of the "have quality, only the market; has improved, there is progress" corporate purposes; advocated "the development of excellent enterprises, producing first-class products and provide first-class service" business approach. Educate large numbers of employees regulate their own behavior. Establish the "company reputation emphasis on practical, high-quality, low energy consumption, environmental protection, standardization, and efficient", so that every employee establish "dedicated love, honesty and trustworthiness" of professional ethics, in order to create a "first-class enterprise, first-class management, first-class quality, first-class service, first-class benefits. " Dedicate their youth and wisdom.

The company’s quality policy is "to establish an awareness of and improve the internal management, continuous improvement and innovation, force the industry to do the advanced." Company’s employees firmly establish the idea of "quality first" thinking. The company’s quality goals for the "product once produce for examination pass rate of ≥ 95%; customer satisfaction ≥ 85 points, 90 points within three years or more; customer return rates ≤ 600PPM, within three years following 300PPM; employee satisfaction ≥ 80 points; a significant number of customer complaints ≤ 4 times / year; a significant number of items of continuous improvement ≥ 6 times / year; the timely delivery of products 100%. "

The company in business administration launched the "institutionalization, standardization, and standardization" management. In the consolidation of 6S management, ISO9001: 2000 and other management standards, it will seriously implement ISO/TS16949: 2002 international automotive industry technical standards.

The company believes that "science and technology are primary productive force" idea, and strive to recruit and train corporate IT personnel, incentives, encouragement, scientific and technological personnel to play the enthusiasm and creativity, to promote "independent innovation," invented for the enterprise, and create scientific and technological achievements and scientific and technological achievements transformed into productive forces and achieve scientific and technological personnel’s self-value and make more contributions to the enterprise.

The use of company personnel a "virtuous and non-pro to avoid" principle, the implementation of the "merit-based" approach, based on "virtue, ability, diligence, and achievements" of cadres and employees, so that the amount would apply; the establishment of cadres and employees to the can be under the management system, the incentive to work hard to study, work, innovation and self-realization of the value of employees.

Companies in the distribution system in a "distribution according to work, capital allocation, technology, distribution, contribution to the distribution, wages, length of service awards, attendance awards, bonuses" and other various forms of flexible allocation model, motivating employees to contribute, out of capital, out of technology and peace of mind own work, and take the road of common prosperity and enterprise.

Companies to implement safety culture, to create a safe production environment for employees to submit work injury insurance, unemployment benefits, medical insurance, pensions, and to provide employees with free quarters, free lunch, free soft drinks ... ... care for our staff of life.

Company’s in-house educational staff to foster a "hearts of" the noble sentiments, and establishing a modern enterprise group; to carry out a rich variety of cultural and sports activities, resist and oppose the bad customs and habits; promote the health of community service for the enterprises to contribute more to the community .